SKPS - Simposio de Kayak del Pacífico Sur

Self appraisal

Step 1) Self-assess your ability and level

Use the following descriptions and criteria to place you in one of three categories. Self-assessment is important for you, for us and for the other participants. As a participant, it helps ensure that you are learning in the most appropriate level. When a class is too hard or not hard enough, effective learning is greatly reduced. Self-assessment helps us manage risk and allows participants to learn and perform at a reasonably equal level, have fun and take advantage of the class.

Kayakista level:

The advanced beginner has any formal instruction, an ACA 1, 2, or 3 course and can perform self-rescue and rescue of others in flat water. He/she is able to paddle forward effectively, direct his/her kayak move sideways and usually avoid capsizing in flat water. They are able to maneuver with their kayaks in tight spaces and you can paddle from 10 Km. (5,4NM) to 15 Km. (8,1NM) in a coastal protected environment in a day.

Kayakista level:

The intermediate kayaker can perform all the desired skills of a beginner advanced paddler efficiently and effectively. He/she can paddle back and keep track with wind, wave and / or current. The intermediate kayaker must be able to rotate (roll) his/her kayak in calm water and Conduct supports. It is competent in open water and rescue techniques known type trailer. The intermediate kayaker understands travel planning, navigation and kayaking equipment. He/she can practice those skills with winds up to 25 km / h (13,5 kn) and waves of up to 1 meter (3,3 ft). The intermediate kayaker can paddle 15 (8,1NM) to 20 km (10,8 NM) in a day.

Kayakista level:
Advanced intermediate

The advanced intermediate kayaker has a lot of experience in Kayak and can perform all the basic skills and conducting open water rescues wind up to 40 km / h (21,6 nt) and waves up to 2 meters (6,6 ft). The advanced intermediate kayaker has a Natural rough water roll, is in good physical condition and can paddle 20 (10,8 NM) to 40 km. (21,6 NM). He is aware at all times of the group he is paddling with, evaluates the personal risk accurately and can traveling in a group of novice paddlers as the lead.