SKPS - Simposio de Kayak del Pacífico Sur

Frequent questions

What kayaking experience is required to participate in the SKPS?

No experience for many of our kayak courses is required. The adventures are for everyone. Our courses are designed to include all levels of experience and skills. Most people who accompany us on our trips are inexperienced kayakers. All we ask is to go with an open mind and be able to have fun when they encounter the unexpected. The courses that require kayaking experience will be properly marked.

Do I have to have a great physical condition?

No, for the initial courses it is considered that students have neither the technical nor experience to dose their efforts. For intermediate and advanced courses we understand that kayakers already have a physical condition that allows them to be 4 days in the water without big problems.

Are there age requirements?

Pueblitoexpediciones can train adventurers of all ages because we have no age restrictions for teaching, but we prefer a minimum of 12 years for them to leverage their courses and written parental consent or water company.

Are there any physical restrictions?

Normally no, you should only report of any limitations or problems you have to avoid an incident.